Helpful tips for kids with ADHD

Organizing and building a routine for the child with ADHD

Children often benefit from having a regular routine in place to organize and structure their daily life. This is true for children with ADHD. Building a routine and staying organized can help.

1. Give specific instructions. “Put away the toys on your carpet on the shelf in the closet.” Be consistent – if the toys are stored on the shelf one night, they should be stored there every night. Children need to know precisely what is expected.

2. Assign tasks that your child is capable of doing on his own. Success builds confidence. The goal is to teach your child to do things independently.

3. Involve your child in discussions about rules and routines. It will help him understand goals and teach him to accept responsibility.

4.  Write down routines as sequences of tasks (2 -5 items only), and post where easily visible (refrigerator, bathroom mirror. A dry erase marker is perfect for jotting down routines, notes, little “I-love-you’s” on a bathroom or bedroom mirror!) Review lists regularly with your child.

5.  Be realistic about time. Make sure you have set aside enough time for the child to complete her homework, clear the dishes, and get out the door. If the original time frame is leaving you 5 minutes shy, add 5 minutes.

6. Expect gradual improvement. It takes time to change old habits and to form new ones.

7. Praise effort – not just results. If your child set the table but forgot napkins, acknowledge that she’s trying. Reward good behavior more often than you punish bad.

8.  Allow for free time in daily routines. Kids – and adults – need downtime!

9.  If your child isn’t taking to the routine, seek help from a counselor who specializes in ADHD. A pro can help get you on track.

10. Stay focused on long-term goals. Above all, don’t give up!

Info provided by New Hope Media LLC.